Visit the Abita Brewery in Louisiana

We love Abita. Our cat is named after it. This is the best beer in NOLA and everyone knows it. This beer is on tap at EVERY SINGLE BAR in New Orleans, and for good reason. The brewery itself  is worth renting the car and driving that insane 20 mile long bridge over the Pontchartrain. There are tours, FREE booze, and a brewpub with the best beer soaked ribs you could hope for right down the road from the brewery proper. Do this shit, support Abita! We came here with a large group for Jeff's birthday and they really took care of us. When you are at the brewery, you literally go behind the bar and pour yourself as many pints as you want until the tour begins. This brewpub was awesome as well, they had every single Abita available, even the hard to find ones, including limited releases, and the food was incredible. Jeff had the Purple Haze marinated ribs, do yourself a favor and have the same. The waitstaff was darling and very attentive as well. We can't wait to go back!