We love cocktails, and we love good food. Now, while Ireland isn't normally known for its cocktails or culinary arts, the Blind Pig (as well as a few other joints you can find in our Dublin section on the restaurant recommendations page) is an exception.This joint is a wonderful, location rotating, "pop up speakeasy" in Dublin city that we had heard about, and knew that we needed to try to go there. the drinks are fantastic as well is the food. Truly on par with some excellent cocktail bars in NYC. Now the reason we added this place to the bucket list is because they make is super fun to get there! Same as with PDT in NYC, getting in and getting there is a secret, and part of the fun! Now i cant tell you the location of the bar, but i can tell you that it is located very close to Trinity college and the old lady's funeral was catered very well.























































Visiting St. James Gate, or as its more commonly known, the Guinness brewery is something that I'm pretty sure everyone does the first time they go to Dublin. seeing as we both love Guinness, we figured it would be best to try it directly from the source. As it turns out (not surprisingly) the brewery is an ENORMOUS tourist trap. For 2 people just to get in, is just under 40 Euros, (they do give you a free pint, which of course you could have bought in the temple bar for 4 Euros)and of course anything else is extra. Honestly, we just didn't really like the whole feel of the brewery. Its hugely commercialized (which is of course to be expected), expensive, the place is always jam packed, and there really just wasn't anything special about it. We are glad we did it, just to say we did., but if we returned to Dublin we would never bother heading to St. James when you could just get a pint with the locals at a lovely quaint tavern playing some "trad" music. If you are interested in visiting a major, world distributing brewery, we suggest the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. the tour is beautifully done, informative, a lot cheaper, and they give you 3 pints! Sláinte!