Drive the Road to Hana and Swim in the 7 sacred pools in Maui

Maui will always have a special place in our hearts. We have been there a few times now, got engaged there, and Jeff even has the outline of the island tattooed on his leg. We love Maui. One thing we will do EVERY SINGLE TIME we venture back to Maui is the legendary "Road to Hana". The road is a hugely popular trek to take while on this amazing island. It spans about 50 miles from the little hippy town of Paia, has 54 bridges, and just about 600 hairpin turns. While 50 miles doesn't seem that far, it will take you ABOUT 4 HOURS just to go one way (make sure you keep going around, don't go back the way you came) so be prepared to be away from the beach ALL DAY LONG . So far we have done it 3 times. There are so many worthwhile stops to take along the road you literally have to do it more than once to see everything, and even then you are gonna miss some things. Waterfalls, black sand beaches, red sand beaches, botanical gardens, hundreds of scenic overlooks, hiking trails, a winery, and so many damn banana bread stands that you'll wonder what else the locals eat, are just some of the wonders that crowd this 50 mile long road. Of course, the final destination on the road to Hana is O'Heo Gulch, or as it's more commonly known, The 7 Sacred pools as well as Waimoku Falls, the largest waterfall on Maui located at the end of a hiking trail 2 miles up from the gulch. There is nothing more we can say about it other than its one of the most beautiful places we have ever had the privilege of going to, and that all day drive is COMPLETELY worth it.