Swim in the Szechenyi baths in Budapest

What can we say about the wonderful geothermal Széchenyi baths? First off, as previously mentioned, Budapest is an AMAZING city. Eastern Europe is beautiful beyond words, and to us, often preferable to Western Europe. The Széchenyi baths are housed in a wonderful Romanesque building in city park right by Hero's Square. There are a number of public bath houses in Budapest, but I feel the Széchenyi is the most beautiful.  (And it allows co-ed bathing, which factored into our decision to go.) If I remember correctly, it costs about 30 bucks for a day pass into the baths. Let me stress one thing. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL TO THIS BATH HOUSE.  If you dont, you will be provoided with some sort of wierd bath sheet (literally....a sheet) that does nothing to dry you off in the cold Hungarian air. Be forewarned!

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