Drink more than a few beers at Mikkeller bar!

Anyone who knows anything about the world of craft beer knows the name Mikkeller. Some of the most interesting, creative, strange, and delicious beers are made by these madmen. Some of their more interesting beers include a stout brewed with kopi luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world made from the poop of a civet (see our story of tasting kopi luwak while in Indonesia), as well as a sour beer flavored with sea beetroot. Welp, Copenhagen just happens to be home of their flagship bar, as well as a new bar a bit outside the city center that doubles as a bottleshop. Becca, myself, and a few friends spent a nice afternoon at the original bar getting nice and toasty, then headed over to the bottleshop/bar the next day to enjoy a little more. I can't wait to go back! My favorite bar in Copenhagen!