Enjoy a glass of kopi luwak in Indonesia

You know what this is, you've heard alllll about it. The most expensive coffee in the world, made directly from..... Civet Poop! Thats right ladies and gents, the best coffee in the world comes out of the behind of a jungle rodent. Basically, the idea here is the Asian Palm Civet has the ability to pick the superior coffee berries out of a bunch, and it then eats them. After the civet eats the berries, it undergoes a chemical process in the animal's stomach, and then is finally excreted where coffee farmers will finally collect the poop and process it. We had the opportunity to watch the coffee being processed, and sample it at a coffee plant called Satria Agrowisata in Bali, Indonesia. The taste is unique to say the least, and can tend to be a little less acidic than normal coffee while we found it a bit sour but still pretty good! Retail prices for the coffee can reach up to $700.00 USD per kilogram, which is obviously insane.