Find Cumil in Bratislava

Bratislava might sound familiar for a reason. Its the city where the horror movie Hostel takes place. Now let me assure you that Slovakia is NOT the blood soaked terror stadium that Eli Roth portrayed it to be. Still, it's definitely not seen as an international toursit destination, but seeing as one side of Jeff's grandparents originally hails from this part of Slovakia, we decided that we would eventually have to get there. Finding Cumil is definately not a hard thing once you're in old town Bratislava. The thing about this bucket list item is, when the hell will you ever be in Bratislava??  Dont get me wrong, Bratislava is a beautiful place (besides the Stalinist inspired rows and rows of apartment blocks in the new city) with a wonderful old town, its just kinda rare that you would find yourself in a position to be here. Luckily we were able to cross the border into Slovakia while vactioning in Vienna, just in time to visit one of the excellent Christmas markets and find Cumil.