Party on Bourbon street for a night or two

New Orleans is the epitome of decadence, vice, and overindulgence. At the center of all of that debauchery, you have Bourbon Street. We love NOLA, (see our restaurant recommendations) our second cat is named after the city (while the first is named after a beer brewed in the state), so we try to visit about once a year if possible. Bourbon Street is something you have to do once and believe me once is enough, although you will be smelling it the entire time you're in the quarter. The overcrowded street is filled with frat boys, complete drunkards, and thugs, not to mention it can often become so crowded it's hard to walk. That being said, it is definitely an experience, and can be a load of fun until you wake up the next morning with a splitting headache not remembering why you have no money left and are covered in wrappers from Krystal burger. Head on over to Pat O'Brien's and get yourself a hurricane, and if you're still standing, follow it up with a Hand Grenade from Tropical Isle!