Shoot Machine Guns in Budapest

We loved Budapest! It's beautiful, charming, the people are wonderful, and the food and wine is fantastic. While doing research for our trip to Hungary, Jeff came across a place called Celeritas shooting club. After looking into the reviews, he came to discover that this place is literally ranked as the number 1 thing to do while in Budapest. It has over 250 reviews and almost every single one of them are 5 star excellent. We had to give it a try, so it was added to the bucket list. Jeff emailed the owner of the club and he promptly responded and we set up the reservation. The package we went for is no longer available, but Jeff shot about 12 guns then added fully automatic guns into the mix for an extra 10 bucks or so. Becca was a little uncomfortable and at first didn't want to shoot at all, but the man who led our group convinced her to try, and was extremely attentive and patient, helped her to hold each gun (they were heavy!!) and explained everything thoroughly. This place was awesome, we arrived in a cab to a warehouse on the outskirts of city center Budapest and were ushered into a basement of some unmarked building where we were promptly given fully automatic weapons and shot the shit out of stuff! :)