Some of our favorite shots while traveling the globe

        - All Photos taken by Jeff, Becca, or by timer and tripod


Hanging out in beautiful old town Bratislava, Slovakia. Nothing like the movie Hostel!

Jökulsárlón-Glacier lagoon, Iceland

viva la revolucion! Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Our First trip, the Eiffel Tower at Trocodoro

Inside Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey.

Partying it up at Pat O'Brien's, Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Rippin a kalashnikov in a basement in Budapest, Hungary

The old train station, Detroit, Michigan

Saint Peters Basilica in Vatican City, Italy

Egyptian Spice Market, Istanbul, Turkey

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Inside The Sistine chapel, Rome, Italy

An offering we left at Pura Tirtha Empul water temple, Bali, Indonesia

The real "Beach" from the movie :) Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Topkapı Palace, istanbul, Turkey

Exploring The Sedlec Ossuary, known to most as the Bone church. Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Széchenyi Baths, Budapest, Hungary

Sunset at Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia

One of the Christmas markets in Old Town Square, Prague, Czech republic

makin friends in Thailand

Outside the Rathaus in Vienna, Austria

Prayer bells at the Big Buddha, Phuket Island, Thailand

On top of Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Becca hanging out at Mount Batur Kintamani in Bali, Indonesia.

Ornaments for sale in the Christmas market in Vienna, Austria.

The Big Buddha, Phuket Thailand

Dinner at Commanders Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana

Relaxing at Palm - Eagle Beach, Aruba

Strokkur Geysir! Iceland

The old abandoned theater from 8 mile, Detroit, Michigan

Cold Chillin at Prague castle, Czech Republic.

the Louvre! Paris, France.

Livin it up on Bamboo Island, Krabi, Thailand

Climbed the old Walls of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey

Livin it up at best brewery in Maine, Oxbow Brewery, and a lobster roll from Red's Eats.

The famous Blue Lagoon, Grindavík, Iceland

Heading to Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia

St. Vitus Cathedral with some of our friends, Prague, Czech Republic

Kickin it in Detroit, Michigan

The state library in Vienna, Austria

Becca looking beautiful in Istanbul, Turkey

Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket Thaland

Picturesque Nerudova Street, Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful Prague, Czech Republic

Relaxing in our private pool at, The Royal Pita Maha, Ubud, Bali, indonesia

Under the lovely city of Paris, France in the catacombs

Skaftafell glacier, Iceland

Yeni Cami, the New Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

The streets of Montmartre, Paris, France

Hallgrimskirkja church, Reykjavik Iceland

spring point ledge lighthouse.jpg

Visiting Spring Point Ledge lighthouse with some of our favorite people near Portland, Maine.

Checking out the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Turkey

The Habsburg Tomb in The Capuchin Church in Vienna, Austria

Reppin Cowshit Corner all day out in Newcastle, Maine.

St. John of Nepomuk statue, charles bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Elephant safari in Bali, Indonesia

Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Becca enjoying some shaved ice at Ululanis's in Maui, Hawaii.

Stroll through Tuileries Garden, Paris, France.

Hanging with some friends at the Hofburg Palace

My beautiful wife in Mackworth Island State Park in Portland, Maine

Enjoying a Corona at the Blue Boy Inn, at Rincon Puerto Rico

Midnight sun, Reykjavik, Iceland

Right after we got engaged! Drinking Champagne on Haleakalā summit! Maui, Hawaii.

Drinking champagne on the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Sipping on a Mai Tai at our luau in Maui, Hawaii

Walking through a Lantern Festival at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul, South korea.

Walking to dinner at "La Copa Llena at the Black Eagle" in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Cheeky Monkey! Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

checking out Hanalei Pier in kauai, Hawaii.

Watching the Sunrise from summit of Haleakalā.

Exploring Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea.

A beautiful sunset in Maui, Hawaii

Becca relaxing in Kauai, Hawaii

Caught a beautiful sea turtle with my waterproof olympus digi cam while swimming at Kāʻanapali Beach, Maui, Hawaii.

Cold chillin in the Bayon temple in the Angkor complex

Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris, France

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

Cold chillin at Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

the Old Walls of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey

The "tomb raider" tree in the Angkor complex

Eating delicious waffles in the museumplein while in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Dancing House or Fred and Ginger, Prague, Czech Republic.

Taro villager saying hello in Bali, Indonesia

So happy to be in Cambodia!

Saint Peters Basilica in Vatican City, Italy

The real "Beach" from the movie :) Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Becca hanging with some friends at St. Marten Cathedral in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Exploring the Angkor complex in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The ass end of the Church of St. Barbara in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. A UNESCO world heritage site

On top of the "I am sterdam" sign in the museumplein while in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The real "Beach" from the movie :) Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand


Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

Elephant safari in Bali, Indonesia

Cold Chillin, Istanbul, Turkey

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Taking a stroll on the Charles Bridge, Prague Czech Republic

Sea Gypsy Village, Krabi, Thailand

The spanish steps, Rome, Italy

Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana

Palm - Eagle Beach, Aruba

Szent István Bazilika (St. Stevens Basilica), Budapest, Hungary

Chora Church, Istanbul, Turkey

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Cold Chillin at Prague castle, Czech Republic.