Below is our travel bucket list

which is constantly evolving...

But, we are crossing stuff off, 1 place at a time, and adventure always ensues.


Blue = Complete with a Link and story

Red = In progress/trip booked

Black = still waiting

Purple = Complete but havent gotten a chance to write a story yet :)

black with yellow highlight = Complete MULTIPLE TIMES (with link)!

  1. Visit every continent

  2. Visit every State

  3. Party on Bourbon street for a night or two COMPLETE!!!

  4. Check out the underwater museum in grenada

  5. Hang out with the fremont troll in Portland

  6. Go for a swim in Lake Mono

  7. Find the blind pig speakeasy and have a Guinness straight from the tap at St. James brewery in Dublin COMPETE!!!

  8. pet a tourtise in the galapogos

  9. explore Machu Picchu

  10. Swim in the blue lagoon in Iceland COMPLETE!!!

  11. Listen to country in a nashville honkeytonk

  12. Look for those creepy twins at the Timberline lodge

  13. look for nessie in loch ness

  14. find the wishing well in the Labyrinth Grotto in Sintra

  15. eat chocolate in bruges belgium

  16. Climb Austin's enchanted rock and swim in the hidden pool

  17. Hike the Gap of Dunloe and drive the Ring of Kerry COMPLETE!!!

  18. Cave dive in Ginnie Springs

  19. go zorbing in new zealand

  20. Make it across the Trift suspension bridge

  21. Look for Saint catherines severed head in Siena and find Galileo's middle finger in Florence COMPLETE!!!

  22. swin with the nymphs in Melissani Cave in Greece

  23. Go on a Dwarf hunt in Wroclaw

  24. look for ghosts at the Stanley Hotel

  25. Climb to the top of the spire at the Church of our Savior in Copenhagen COMPLETE!!!

  26. Visit the baths at Virgin Gordo

  27. Have a drink in the H.R. Giger bar in Gruyere

  28. ring the bell at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

  29. Find the L’importuno di Michelangelo COMPLETE!!!

  30. drive the tail of the dragon in smokey mountains national park

  31. Explore the national parks in Utah

  32. Hike through little switzerland while in Luxembourg

  33. Shoot Machine Guns in Budapest COMPLETE!!!

  34. see the maoi statues on Easter island

  35. Hike up a volcano in Costa Rica

  36. swim with the seals in San Diego

  37. Tour the scotch distilleries in Scotland

  38. snorkel in the big blue hole

  39. Visit "the beach" on Phi Phi leh Thailand COMPLETE!!!

  40. Find the dragon bones in Krakow

  41. Vist Cantillon brewery in Brussles

  42. See the island of Napoleans Exile, St. Helena

  43. Climb El Peñon de Guatape

  44. Take a ride on an elephant COMPLETE!!!

  45. Go sledding at Stone Mountain

  46. find the black cat of Riga

  47. Check out Oktoberfest in munich

  48. Visit Abita Brewery in Louisiana COMPLETE!!!

  49. Drive the extra terrestrial highway and look for aliens by area 51

  50. Spend a night at everst base camp

  51. Drink a sour toe cocktail in Dawson City

  52. Find the little man in the tree in Amsterdam COMPLETE!!!

  53. Sit on the edge of the troll's tounge and see the fjords in Norway

  54. walk around uluru

  55. Drive the Grimm brothers fairy tale route

  56. Explore the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum COMPLETE!!!

  57. Visit the Sonora witchcraft market

  58. Watch lava flow in Kona

  59. Hang out in the Ubud monkey forest

  60. Climb the sigiriya rock fortress

  61. Look for monkeys at the Rock of Gibraltar

  62. Hang at the mystery spot in Santa Cruz COMPLETE!!!

  63. Go port tasting in Portugal

  64. Look for Druids at Stonehendge

  65. Drive the Road to Hana and Swim in the 7 sacred pools in Maui COMPLETE!!!

  66. Hike a Glacier and go Snorkeling in Silfra COMPLETE!!!

  67. Swim at a black sand beach COMPLETE!!!

  68. Snorkel in the great barrier reef

  69. Visit Anne Franks House COMPLETE!!!

  70. drink wine in the cotes du rhone

  71. Go dog sledding and look for polar bears in Spitsbergen

  72. Ring the Bells of Shandon at St. Anne's Church COMPELTE!!!

  73. Explore the Dead Vlei in Namibia

  74. Drive over the golden gate bridge COMPLETE!!!

  75. Ride the trans-siberian railway

  76. Drive the Icefields parkway

  77. Swim in the Szechenyi baths in Budapest COMPLETE!!!

  78. Drive route 66

  79. Do the Kentucky bourbon trail

  80. Stand on the equator in Equador

  81. Explore Borobudur Temple

  82. Take a ride on the London eye

  83. Find the mermaid in the Copenhagen harbor COMPLETE!!!

  84. Visit the Aspen food and wine festival

  85. Climb the Sydney harbor bridge

  86. Make a wish at the thumb hole in Hagia Sofia COMPLETE!!!

  87. Take a walk on the great wall

  88. take a boat through the glowworm cave

  89. eat at the best restaraunt in the world

  90. listen to jazz at preservation hall

  91. Eat waffles in Belgium

  92. Have more than a few beers at the Mikkellerr bar COMPLETE!!!

  93. watch a sunset through the delicate arch

  94. Check out the ancient city of petra

  95. Drive the Garden route

  96. Eat some Hakarl in Iceland COMPLETE!!!

  97. Get a glimpse of the Nazca lines

  98. Enjoy a glass of kopi luwak in Indonesia COMPLETE!!!

  99. Drive the te Anau to the Milford Sound

  100. Pet the dog at the St. John of Nepomuk Statue COMPLETE!!!

  101. See the cages of the Anabaptists in Munster

  102. Stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives

  103. Snorkel in the great barrier reef

  104. Have a Pilsner in Pilsen

  105. check out the grand prix in monte carlo

  106. Visit the Mona Lisa COMPLETE!!!

  107. Eat fresh sushi in japan

  108. Visit the bone church in Kutna Hora COMPLETE!!!

  109. Get lost in venice

  110. Visit some swanky Manhattan speakeasy's and go to a broadway play COMPLETE!!!

  111. Dine on the worlds most famous cake at hotel sacher COMPLETE!!!

  112. Check out the Vatican and saint peters basilica COMPLETE!!!

  113. visit all 27 waterfalls in the national park in DR

  114. swim in plitvice lakes

  115. follow the footsteps of giants at the causeway

  116. sample deep fried treats at the Minnesota state fair

  117. fInd the hidden beach in Puerta vallarta

  118. Add a tile to the Big Buddha in Phuket COMPLETE!!!

  119. take a junk ride in halong bay

  120. Kiss the Blarney stone (yes i know the locals pee on it, i dont care.) COMPLETE!!!

  121. explore the shire in new zealand

  122. Go to the Day of the Dead festival in Oaxaca

  123. Sleep in an Italian castle and go wine tasting in Tuscany COMPLETE!!!

  124. Float in the Dead Sea

  125. Shuck our own oysters in Maine COMPLETE!!!

  126. ring the church bell on Bled island

  127. Shake hands with the Atacama Desert

  128. Go wine tasting in Napa/Sonoma COMPLETE!!!

  129. look for bush babies in the tsingy de bemaraha

  130. drive the Stelvio Pass

  131. Find Cumil in Bratislava COMPLETE!!!

  132. Hike the Cinque Terre

  133. Go sledding in the White Sands National Monument

  134. Float in the dead sea

  135. Visit Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia COMPLETE!!!

  136. drive through the black hills and see mount rushmore 

  137. Go champagne tasting in Epernay

  138. Find the thiefs arm in Prague COMPLETE!!!

  139. Hike to Grinnell Peak and stay a couple nights at the prince of wales hotel

  140. snorkel in the underwater museum

  141. Leave an offering at a Hindu temple COMPLETE!!!

  142. Walk the skyway at the grand canyon

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