Both of us grew up in Northern New Jersey for a good portion of our lives. Becca eventually moved to Louisiana during her high school years, but returned back north after college looking for a job. The two of us were reunited through mutual friends, and after dating for some time, we were eventually married in January of 2013. Becca currently works in publishing while also doubling as a college professor. Jeff worked in the tattoo industry for many years before switching careers to telecommuications where he now works as a technician for a popular cell phone company. We share a passion for travel, food, fine wine, beer, spirits, and our pets (we have 2 Sphynx cats named Abita and Nola, and a dog named Chica).

We created this website as a personal travel journal, to record our experiences and preserve our memories, as a way to share our adventures with friends and family, and to help other travelers who may be looking for information, as we have benefitted from the advice and accounts of other enthusiasts along the way.