Add a tile to the Big Buddha in Phuket

As I type this, November 2013, the Big Buddha in Phuket Thailand is still under construction, and as it turns out, thats a pretty awesome thing.  Not only do you get to see this beautiful scructure come to light, you also can contribute to its building. The Big Buddha project was started by a group of friends who decided that the (amazing) viewpoint of the Chalong Bay in one direction, and in the other, Kata and the Andaman Sea was the perfect setting for pilgrims, and tourists alike to visit and pray. After much consideration, and permits from the local government, the group of friends decided to start construction on the massive statue now residing there. Of course, since this was funded by civilians, and not the government, money soon becasme an issue and the group of friends basically turned into a charity group to get the statue finished. When you come to visit the Big Buddha you have the oportunity to donate a small amount of money to "purchase" a marble tile. Once you get the tile, the locals give you  a marker and you are able to write your name, a short message, or whatever your heart desires on the purchased tile. Your tile, that you wrote on, will then be used to help complete the Big Buddha! Keep in mind, this is completely voluntary and you can visit the Big Buddha without paying one red cent if you so choose, but why would you?