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Budapest, Hungary


First, it is in a PERFECT location, right next to St. Peters Basilica, and also right next to Gelarto Rosa (#1 restaurant in Budapest on tripadvisor) so after you're done with dinner you can get a nice gelato for yourself. The price is pretty average in Hungary for a nicer dinner, we paid about 100 USD total for 3 courses each and a bottle of wine. The service was great, the place was hip, the location was perfect, and the food was good, we would definately go back.


Costes is 1 of 2 of the Michelin star restaurants in Budapest and in our opinion, it is far superior. The food is inventive, eclectic, cooked PERFECTLY and tastes damn fantastic. As an example of the forward thinking of these chefs, the 2nd amuse-bouche (they gave 2, very classy) was a squid macaroon with a curried marshmallow, which was excellent. The service is IMPECCABLE. No other words to describe it, the staff makes you feel comfortable, and the decor, while obviously fancy, is warm and inviting. The menu also has a great deal of variety and isn't as expensive as it should be (4 courses each with wine ran us about 45,000 HUF). Sport coats or a blazer are a must, as are reservations. We definitely hope to return to Costes.

Gelarto Rosa

This place is so good we went there every day while in Budapest! It's in a great location (right across from St. Peters Basilica), it's cheap (a medium gelato with 2 flavors was 500 HUF), the employees were nice, and the flavors are great. I suggest the lavender white chocolate and the basil lemon. Plus, check out the awesome photos of how they serve the gelato. Perfect!












Onyx is the second Michelin starred restaurant in Budapest and the food was excellent, I had the bean soup with langoustine as a starter and the Danube salmon which melted like butter so the chefs are doing great work, and the locations is perfect as well, right next to the Christmas market (depending what time of year you visit). The staff was not as friendly as at Costes and was our major problem with the restaurant. If you are going to pick 1 fancy dinnner, I would go with Costes instead.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brouwerij de Prael

This is one of the less touristy breweries in Amsterdam (Heineken, Amstel). The beer was pretty decent and they had about 9 on draft for sampling. The atmosphere was great - particularly because the taps were beautiful - and the people were "interesting". We were told repeatedly that the brewery prefers to hire work release people from the local sanatorium. While this was amusing I'm not entirely convinced it was true, but fun none the less! The brewery is down a little side street in the RLD, and can be a lil tough to find.

Chipsy king

Awesome fast food in the city with a bunch of different toppings. Real quick and easy snack that you can sit on the side of a canal with - and really, how can you go wrong with fries?! 


Foodie food, fine dining, tasting plates, etc etc. Damn decent food, and the open kitchen was pretty cool, but it's gonna cost you. ;)


This is how fast food in America should be! The burgers were great and the service was quick and they even suggested a few things to see in the area.


Reykjavik, Iceland

The Lebowski Bar

Fun little joint in center city  - obviously focused on your favorite Coen brothers movie - the Big Lebowski. Stopped by for some drinks, and wouldn't ya know it? the White Russians are fantastic! Check it out!

Micro Bar

As Reykjavik is not necessarily a city known for its craft beer selection, Micro bar is a shining beacon of hope in a bar scene filled mostly with Tuborg, Gull, or Viking. We liked this place so much we stopped back 2 nights in a row. The bartender was extremely knowledgeable about his offerings and friendly to boot. As a warning, as mostly every bottle offered is imported, and some of the beers are VERY rare, a lot of the bottles can get EXTREMELY expensive (as high as $60 USD per bottle). We would go back here anytime and recommend it to anyone visiting Reykjavik.

C is for Cookie

Stopped here one morning on our most recent trip to Iceland. The coffee came in a huge mug, was very tasty, and the staff and atmosphere were pleasant. My favorite part about this joint was the latte art the barista did when she served us coffee. Beautiful! We would stop back here for a snack or coffee when walking around Reykjavik without a doubt. Note, though, that despite the name, we found that the other offerings tended to outshine the cookies.
















Checked out this place on our last trip to Iceland with a bunch of friends and have to say that the entire experience was fantastic. Steikhúsið is a quick 5 minute walk from Austurvöllur square and is a totally awesome Argentinian steakhouse. The atmosphere was very comfortable, the service was TOP NOTCH and the food was probably some of the best we had while in Reykjavik. We would definitely recommend this place to family and friends and plan to return here on our next trip to Iceland.


Having a fancy dinner in Reykjavik only one night is a good idea since it is so expensive. The rest of the time you'll be eating hotdogs at Baejarins beztu pylsur. For your one special fancy shmancy dinner, we suggest Fiskfelagid, or Fish Company. The restaurant definately had some of the best food that we had in Iceland, and all the places we went to were good. Its consistently voted in the top 10 restaurants in the country. For your meal, we suggest the, "Around The World" tasting menu with wine pairing. Like we said, this ain't cheap, and the whole table has to order it.  If memory serves, it cost somewhere around 17,000 krona per person, but it is totally worth it and the wine just keeps on flowing... Don't forget to sign the "guestbook"!

Tapas Barinn 

Great restaraunt in center city Reykjavik! We had the prefix "Icelandic gourmet feast" which is about 6000 krona per person, it's kind of expensive, but then again, EVERYTHING in Iceland is expensive. A favorite was the minke whale, it was fantastic, like a very tender sweet filet mignon. You get a nice shot of Brennivin with the prefix but I suggest a nice Thule (pronounced thooolay) as well.

Bæjarins beztu pylsur

I don't know what they do to these hotdogs but they are seriously the best I've ever eaten. Paying 3 bucks for an awesome meal in center city Reykjavik is pretty much impossible except for Bæjarins beztu pylsur. TAKE MY ADVICE! GET TWO ALL THE WAY!! It's almost a guarantee that once you try this, you will be back at least every other day during your stay in Iceland















Rincon, Puerto Rico

Banana Dang

Banana Dang rules! This place is the number one restaurant (it's more of a coffee shop) in Rincon for a reason, the food/drink is cheap, delicious and the people are nice. We came here almost every morning while staying in Rincon, the Vietnamese coffee is excellant as is the Nutty Dang smoothy. There are only 3 or 4 small tables so plan to take your coffee out. GET THERE EARLY CAUSE IT GETS BUSY! Oh yeah, they are closed TUESDAY for some reason

La Copa Llena at the Black Eagle

Mixology cocktails, fresh fresh fresh seafood and literally the best view on the island. This place rules. The chef is fantastic and the food was worthy of a fine dining experience. Happy hour starts around 3, but you cannot sit at the tables for dinner until 5. Enjoy your time by the bar (which still has a great view) and then move over to the deck tables around sunset. We looooved the calamari, and the ahi poke was some of the best we've ever had. We would recommended this joint and will definitely return if we find ourselves in Rincon again.










Shipwreck Bar & Grill

Great place to get your buzz on for happy hour dirt cheap, and the food is good too! From 3 to 7 enjoy a rum punch drink for like 2 or 3 bucks, strong and cheap. Great atmoshpere and it's located right next to the beach. Enjoy!



Aruba, Greater Palm - Eagle Beach Area/Oranjestad

Smokey Joes

Great ribs and a great price! Probably one of the cheapest restaurants you will find while in Aruba, but you will definitely not leave hungry! We would absolutely come back here next time we're in Aruba and we think you should too.

Taste of Belgium

Great Belgian beer in Aruba, can't beat it! We came here every night for dessert and a drink. They have a great selection of beer - Kwak, Kasteel, Leffe, Corsendunk, etc. and awesome desserts. Lots of dark chocolate, waffles and ice cream - that sort of thing.

Madame Janette's

Great atmosphere (definitely sit outside, everything is lit up with little Christmas lights), great food and excellent service, a bit pricey, but everything in Aruba is... I had the "Gianni Versace" which was a tenderloin, cut in two halves, topped with fresh spinach, Lobster Medallions and sliced Portobello Mushrooms and a dash of hollandaise. Fantastic. A lot of the locals we talked to while on the island said this is where they come to take their family out for a special occasion.



New Orleans, Louisiana

The Green Goddess

We don't care about any surveys, or any travelers choice, Zagat ratings, Michelin stars, etc. This is  one of the few places that we will come to EVERYTIME we are in New Orleans.  (And in a city with a seemingly endless list of amazing restaurants, this is saying a lot.) The menu is unbelievably eclectic and interesting. The drinks are pure chemistry and the Bloody Mary is the best damn Bloody Mary Jeff has ever had. (And he's tried many....) It's made with pureed tomatoes, lemon moonshine and house pickled veggies among other things. The menu changes often and this place has only about 6 tables. The last time we were here we came with 6 people and they sat us in there liquor storage room because we wanted to eat there so badly. Yes, the waiters might be a bit eccentric, it can be cramped, and there aren't many tables, but this is some of the best food in NOLA - I kid you not. Try this place, you will not be dissapointed, they open at 11 for brunch!!

Cochon Butcher

Probably the best sandwich shop in NOLA. If you think you don't like brussell sprouts, cochon butcher will prove you wrong. I had the cuban sandwich and Becca had the BLT, both excellent. we went to Cochon for dinner the night before and it was awesome as well, buuuut if you absolutely positively need to pick between the 2, i would go with the butcher (but you should go to both!). Definitely will be returning!


Heard about Katie's on Nola eater while we were looking for a place to check out for brunch on my recent trip to New Orleans and decided to give it a try. We arrived around 11:30 on a saturday and waited about 30 minutes as there was already a long line. I am super glad we waited around because this place was seriously awesome! We ordered the chargrilled oysters to start (which were better than Acme's) then i had a crawfish beignet while my wife had the french toast(made with french bread). The portions were great, the service excellant, the food top notch, and the bottomless mimosas were delicious as well. All for a pretty decent price! We will ABSOLUTELY return here on my next trip to NOLA, and recommend it to my friends.













Creole Creamery

Imaginative and delicious. Seriously, creole creamery has a ton of awesome flavors. The last time we were there we had: peach champagne sorbet, fig & goat cheese, red velvet, jalapeno strawberry, and foie gras. This place is damn delicious, and FYI, the creamery also made Thrillist's, "21 best ice cream shops in America" . seriously. go here now.

Commanders Palace

We came here with a large party for jeff's birthday, and we couldn't have been treated better. Keep in mind you need to make reservations well in advance and men need jackets, but this place is a great example of fine dining in NOLA of course, remember you will be paying for it, expect to pay atleast 100 per person if your drinking (go for the sazerac). For appetizer Jeff had the classic turtle soup (a staple at commanders palace) and the foIe gras "du monde" which featured a foie gras infused cafe au lait Which was very interesting. Becca's entree was the louisiana soft shell crab. Perfect. Spend the money, experience this place, you will thank us.











Raleigh, North Carolina

Monuts Donuts

seriously, this was probably the best donut I've ever had. If you are anywhere in the triangle you should definitely make your way over to Monuts. Flavors seem to change every day, but while we were there we had the lemon pistachio and it was out of this world. Do your self a favor and come here. FYI this joint also made thrillist's "top 21 donut shops in the country














Fox liquor bar

Another one of James Beard award winning chef Ashley Christensen's joints in downtown Raleigh. The drinks were so good we came back twice! The atmosphere is pretty much NYC speakeasy style except the cocktails are a bit cheaper ($11 a pop). The bartenders were very knowledgeable as well as pleasant and are able to whip you up a custom creation as long as you can describe what you dig. My wife preferred the Pink Lady's, while i liked the Mezcal Mule. I would definitely come back here and recommend it to anyone visiting the city. FYI "membership" is required and costs a buck at the door.

Beasley's Chicken and Honey

Another one of James Beard award winning chef Ashley Christensen's joints in downtown Raleigh. Becca and I came here for lunch on a recent trip and we definitely enjoyed it. I had the chicken biscuit while she had the chicken and waffles. I preferred mine to hers as the picked green tomatoes really made the chicken biscuit stand out. Both were pretty good, the staff was great and the food came out super fast (literally like 4 minutes). The only problem is that the joint can get loud, doesn't have the most comfortable seating, and has a chalkboard menu so people are always standing up trying to check it out...

Rise biscuits and donuts

Super awesome donuts and great biscuits as well. My wife and i stopped in on a Saturday morning after hearing about this joint online. there was a short line but nothing crazy and definitely worth waiting for, I had the sausage biscuit which was fantastic and then for dessert a bacon maple bar. A.W.E.S.O.M.E the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the maple went together perfectly. I would definitely come back here again and recommended friends to do the same!

Fullsteam Brewery

Fullsteam was probably the most enjoyable brewery's we visited while on our trip to Raleigh. The beer was great, the joint had nice outdoor seating with plenty of room, and the vibe and atmosphere was awesome. As expected, the tap menu rotates often with a ton of solid choices. We decided to go with flights (5, 5 ounce glasses for 9 bucks) as there were so many beers that we wanted to sample. This is a great place to enjoy some drinks with friends and family (there are plenty of board games to play if you like as well). Go here, you'll love it!














Copenhagen, Denmark

Cocks and Cows

Loved this place. While waiting for our table, we chilled at the bar and had some delicious drinks. Our favorite was the, cough cough, "passion for cocks", an excellent drink made with passion fruit puree. After about 30 minutes, we were seated outside in a heated tent and got ourselves some great burgers and awesome sides (get the ribs! yes, ribs are a side). We suggest the Juicy Lucy burger! The joint is relatively affordable for Copenhagen standards, has great service, and great drinks. Give it a try and order a "passion for cocks" with pride!

Cap Horn

Nice place on Nyhavn with lovely outdoor seating available that brews their own beer. We stopped here for lunch. Jeff had the chicken salad while Becca had the langostino soup. As with most places in Copenhagen, its expensive (about 80 - 100 USD for lunch) but the people watching is great, the service is excellent, the beer is good and the food was definitely enjoyable.


Nice speakeasy type joint in center city. As there is no sign outside it can be difficult to find (look for the number 10 on the awning), but I suppose that is the point of being a speakeasy. The mixology is thoughtful and creative and the servers are very nice! We had a great time here and unlike other speakeasies, you are allowed to stand at the bar, which makes it very easy to find a spot to chill, talk to friends, and make new acquaintances! Would definitely come here again!

Serenity Cupcakes

Delicious and cute cupcake joint in center city Copenhagen. The cupcakes were moist, beautifully made, and super tasty! You have 2 choices for icing -  either meringue or cream cheese based. Personally we both preferred cream cheese but both were excellent. Jeff had the orange ginger, and the blueberry cakes, and Becca had the raspberry, and we can't wait to have them

again. Fantastic! Go here!














Paludan Book Cafe

Decent food at an affordable price in a city that is insanely expensive. The atmosphere is the most eye catching as you are literally surrounded by books (love!!). The restaurant is self-seating, and also self-ordering, which we actually liked. The servers and counter people were very friendly and made us want to come back. The food was served fast, the burger was good, and the beer was cold. P.S get the full plate appetizer! Best thing on the menu!


Mikkeller Bar

This is by far the best beer bar in Copenhagen! Mikkeller is world famous for a reason, the beers here are hard to find in other countries, and every one we tried was absolutely delicious. Not to mention that the beer is fairly inexpensive in an insanely pricey city. While there are a few small craft breweries and brew houses in the city, this is by far the best and we will return every time we're in Copenhagen, as well as urge our friends to do so too! Also, check out our bucket list story about our vist, and Mikkeller and Friends and the bottle shop a bit further north!













Mikkeller and Friends

The second Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen located a bit farther north outside the outer ring of the city. This spot is a bit more spacious than the original and also features beers from other top brewers around the world. While we preferred the original Mikkeller, this joint is definitely a must visit for beer lovers, not to mention the excellent bottle shop attached to the bar! Can't wait to go back!


Vienna, Austria


we rolled into Purstner's on our last night in Vienna without reservations just hoping to get a table. Luckily, the staff was very accommodating and was able to seat us. The atmosphere had to be one of my favorite things about the restaurant. It feels like you stepped into a Austrian cottage somewhere in the Alps, VERY cozy almost log cabin feel to it. Oh yea, The foods pretty damn good too. Jeff had the traditional garlic soup and the ribs. Coming from the states, he's had better ribs, but by no means were they bad at all and the garlic soup was great. If i could, i would give the place 4.5 stars but half stars aren't allowed... We would definitely recommended this place to friends, and we would come back if we found ourselves in Vienna again!

1516 Brewing Company

We stopped by 1516 after a nice dinner for some drinks with friends. Smoking area downstairs was packed but the waitstaff was able to find us a nice table upstairs so we could sample some of the "special" beers. I tried the "Tres Cojones" and also the oatmeal stout. as someone that is very familiar with craft beer, the tres cojones intrigued me because it was aged in tequila barrels instead of bourbon barrels (like most barrel aged beer). The beer was nice with a slight tequila flavor on the nose that was then covered by the hops giving it somewhat of an IPA quality. I was hoping for a heavier tequila flavor but all in all it was nice.The oatmeal stout was a bit thin but still satisfying. Honestly, i would give this visit to 1516 a 3.5 out of 5 but 1/2 stars aren't allowed, and they definitely don't deserve just a 3... that being said, I would definitely try 1516 again to see what other concoctions they come up with.














Zum weissen Rauchfangkehrer

This was our favorite restaurant we visited while in Vienna. The white chimney sweep has wonderfully cozy atmosphere, very professional waters, and excellent food. We had the Potatoe-sourcreamflan and the Chimney Sweep’s carpaccio variation for starters, and I had the Braised Austrian wild deer shoulder as a main. Both were delicious. I would definitely come back here while in Venna and also recommend it to my friends. HERE'S A TIP: When you make your reservation, request table number 1 in the Stephanszimmer room. You'll be treated to a nice view of St. Stephans cathedral.

Cafe Sacher

As with probably 99.9% of the other people that come here, we stopped into Cafe Sacher to sample one of the most famous cakes in the world one afternoon while walking around Vienna. As expected, we had to wait for about 15 minutes to get a table but once we sat down everything was just fine, and the atmosphere was very nice. Our companions all ordered the sacher torte and a glass of champagne. For a famous place the price was very good and we paid about 8 Euro each for the alcohol and dessert. The apricot in the torte was nice and flavorful as was the chocolate exterior. the interior cake was a bit dry (as i've heard) but other than that, good. As this is a "must do" thing while in Vienna (see our bucket list post) we are glad to have done it, but since we've tried it once, we probably wont bother getting it again as we have had far better deserts, and lets face it, the place is essentially a tourist trap. Its definitely something to try once though to say you had it, and we would recommend it to our friends just for the experience!


Prague, Czech Republic

Hemmingway Bar

just got back from spending 4 great days in Prague. Much of that time was spent eating, and drinking and many of the fine establishments around the city. This place was so great we had t come back here twice. The bar is set up in the classic speakeasy way, ie, reservations are usually a must (reservations can ONLY be made via phone, or in person. If your lucky you can show up right as they open and they might have a free table to offer you for a few hours) , no standing at the bar, no loud talking etc etc... In a city where decent cocktails are pretty much non existent, the Hemingway steals the show. The drinks are fantastic mixology, can often involve a "witty" presentation, rival ANY NYC speakeasy bar, and all hover around the trice of 150 crowns each. 2 of my favorites would be, "Nick Adams penicillin, and the corpse reviver". If your unsure about what you like, the waitstaff will help you decide, or create a completely custom drink to suite your likings. I would strongly recommended this bar to anyone visiting Prague, and will definitely be returning next time i am in the city.


Dublin/Southern Ireland

The Blind Pig

In order to keep up with the mystique of this "pop up" 1920's style speakeasy, there's not much i can tell you about the blind pig other than its loads of fun to find once you get the "instructions" (see our story here about finding the Blind Pig), the drinks are fantastic, the food is great, its relatively close to Trinity College, and the waiters know there stuff. Reservations are an absolute must (as you wont receive instructions on how to find them until you reserve), and you should give yourself a couple extra minutes to find the joint while your walking over there. We would definitely recommend it to friends visiting Dublin. If anyone asks, your there for the old womans funeral.














Vintage Cocktail Club

By far this 1920's style speakeasy had the best food we ate while in Dublin. Not to mention the unbelievable drinks. Its second floor location is hidden away on one of dublins busiest streets in the Temple bar district but is quite easy to find once you know what your looking for. Reservations are a must on the weekend and if possible you should reserve for food as well (you need to specify that you would like to eat and drink, or just drink). The decor was cozy and fit the "speakeasy style" and the bartenders where able to whip up custom creations to suit your needs with ease. If we ever find ourselves in Dublin again, this is a place we will definitively be back to. Go here, you'll thank us.














Franciscan Well brewery

the franciscan well is one of the few craft breweries in ireland. While craft brewing hasn't seemed to have caught on here as it has in the states, this brewery makes up for it, while the beer isnt the most fantastic, it is very good, and will definately give your palate a kick if your sick of all the Guiness. The place has a great  indoor/outdoor beer garden and even cooks coal fired pizzas after 6pm. If you have to pick 1 beer to try, go for the Jameson barrel aged stout, 16 Euros for a large resealable bottle, it was excellent especially if your into bourbon barrel aged beers as we are. Enjoy!


Bratislava, Slovakia

Prasna Basta

if you happen to find yourself in Bratislava, this joint will not disappoint! excellent service, delicious food, great drinks all for a great price. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and the waiter was very nice, and very interested in rock bands from NJ :). We shared the Gnocci with bacon which was delicious, as well as a poached pear and fried goat cheese appetizer that could have been the best thing we ate during this trip to Europe.