Climbing Giotto's Bell tower

The Duomo is a huge cathedral that dominates Florence's skyline, and is pretty much the most recognizable aspect of the city. Now, its totally possible to climb up to the top of the Duomo itself but we voted against it. Why you ask? Well, if you climb the Duomo then you dont get a view of the Duomo which is what everyone wants to see! Right next to the Dome is Giotto's Bell tower. This structure is almost as high as the dome itself and gives you beautiful views of Florence as well as the Duomo (I've never said Duomo more in a single paragraph). Climbing the tower can be a bit stressfull as it is about 400 steps up and is VERY TIGHT, but the views cant be beat. Hey if you want, you can climb the Duomo as well, the 10 Euro ticket gets you into both anyway, but of course the line is about 10 times longer. Enjoy!

#florence #italy #getbusyliving

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