The Temple Bar

While there are plenty of awesome bars in Dublin, more than likely, you

will eventually end up in the Temple Bar area at some point during your stay. Of course, the Temple Bar will be chock full of drunk tourists, and bachelor and/or bachelorette parties, but it definitely is fun. When you want to grab something to eat or get yourself a proper pint this is the most convenient and easiest way to do it. You will enter the Temple Bar area once you cross over the River Liffey on the famous Ha' Penny Bridge.

The Temple Bar area has preserved its original look with its narrow windy roads and cobblestone streets.

Besides all the drunk tourists, it has a very pleasant charm to it, and gives you the impression that, "this is what Dublin is supposed to look like". The most iconic bars of the area tend to be The Temple Bar Pub, Oliver St.John Gogargty's, the Quays Bar, and the Turk's Head. So go for a night or 2 and enjoy a Guinness and some Jameson. If you’re crafty enough you might even stumble upon the hidden speakeasy, Vintage Cocktail Club!


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