Next Pint New York!

"Next Pint New York!" Are the words proudly displayed on this old abandoned "pub" once used for a Guinness commercial. Located on a far corner of Valentia Island, off the coast of the ring of Kerry, O' Shea's pub has the honor of being one of the furthest flung bars in the world, that you can't buy a proper pint at! The reason for this was that the pub itself was never actually open for business in the first place. Guinness created the "mock bar" for their commercial (which can be viewed in the video below) in order to show a place that was so, so, soooo far away but was still serviced by their loyal, hard working distributors, and tap line runners. O' Shea's still stands today, along a terribly potholed road, abandoned, overlooking the rough Atlantic, while slowly being taken back by nature. You can find it by taking the car ferry at Renard Point over to Knights Town, then following the ring road (R565) past Valentia candle, after that, follow the signs for St. Brendans well and you should (I stress should) run into it. Personally, I suggest visiting this haunt, and bringing a pint of the black stuff for yourself while toasting to this forgotten piece of Guinness history. Sláinte

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