Like thousands of other people, touring the rolling hills of Tuscany, and sleeping in a castle were a high priority on our bucket list. Lucky for us on our last trip to Italy we got to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The check on our bucket list was able to be fulfilled when our wonderful friends Fred and Jen decided to get married in Tuscany, and for that matter, in a castle! We were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful villa in Castello di Montalto outside of Siena smack dab in the Tuscany region. We posted a video highlighting our arrival at the caste and our first impressions on our blog, but in case you missed it, here's a link! Staying in the castle was an amazing experience, not to mention incredibly beautiful. Check out those views!












































Lucky for all of us, one of the activities Fred and Jen had planned during their Tuscan wedding weekend was a wine tour. The lot of us boarded a bus and proceeded to visit the winery of San Fabiano Calcinaia where we tasted lots, and lots of Chianti classico! While the wine was awesome, as was the winery's barrel room, and the food they provided, one of the most interesting parts of our day trip was still to come. So what was the most interesting part of our excursion you ask? The hookers. Apparently, Tuscany has lots of hookers just hanging out on these rural back country roads, sitting in their lawn chairs just hanging out in the middle of beautiful rolling hills and lush green valley’s waiting for a john. So strange, but apparently well known and almost accepted! Hooker photo by our lovely friend @Ashleybigfun.